European Patent no. EP0566662
The idea of sending movies over the Internet
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Acacia Technologies has a software patent that covers the idea of sending streamed video over the Internet. The patent has been granted in both the US and Europe.

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News Articles

News site for professionals in the online industry.

StreamingMedia are organizing companies that have been targeted by Acacia, and ask that you contact them if your company has recieved a letter from Acacia.

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Patently Absurd? Streaming Users Face Acacia Patent
California-based holding company Acacia Research Corp. claims they hold patents on streaming, downloading and just about every form of digital audio and video distribution out there -- including pushing MP3s from peer-to-peer groups, streaming newscasts from Internet radio sites and delivering movies through cable networks.

Streaming Media East 2004: Acacia Still a Hot-Button Issue
Acacia is still pursuing streaming providers who it claims violate its patents, going after small firms while leaving the "big three" — Microsoft, Apple, and Real — alone.

Computer Wold Denmark   Computer World Denmark

Danish edition of Computer World.

Patent-krav mod danske porno-sites
Amerikanske Acacia Media hævder at have patent på streaming af lyd og billeder og truer nu mindre danske internet-virksomheder, der har videoklip på deres sites. De fleste virksomheder, der modtager krav, tilbyder porno, og de bliver afkrævet 2 procent af deres omsætning.

Patent-krav mod tv-selskabers streaming
Amerikanske Acacia har udvidet kamppladsen og går ikke længere kun efter pornoudbydere på internet for at håndhæve sit patent på at streame billeder. Nu er der lagt sag an mod nogle af de største tv-selskaber.


American news site with a number of articles about Acacia.

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Porn Kings Aflame Over Multimedia Patents
Beginning today, a small Southern California firm will take on the online porn industry in a patent fight that could eventually encompass much of the Internet and even more traditional media.

Update: Radio Free Virgin Licenses Acacia Patents
Although Acacia Research Corp. has publicly targeted porn companies, the firm has struck a patent licensing deal with a significant online music provider, Radio Free Virgin.

Update: Acacia Patent Case Moves To Court
Acacia Research Corp. said it had struck deals with eight adult entertainment companies for its DMT technology, and formally filed suits against the others in federal court.

Larry Flynt, Others Bow To Acacia Patents
Larry Flynt fought for his First Amendment rights all the way to the Supreme Court, but his publishing company will license Acacia Technologies' multimedia patents.

Acacia Sets Sights On Cable Industry
Having licensed dozens of adult content providers, Acacia Technologies is now shifting its sights to the cable industry, and websites that provide mainstream music, sports, and movies.

Disney Agrees To License Acacia Patents
Acacia Research Corp. said it had convinced Disney Enterprises Inc. to license its patent portfolio covering the trasmission of multimedia content over the Internet, its highest-profile deal yet.

News site for computer professionals.

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Patent scare hits streaming industry
February 6, 2003
Michael Roe, proprietor of the small RadioIO Webcasting station, got a surprise FedEx package this week, containing a notification that he was violating patents owned by a company he'd never heard of.

Streaming patent claims go to court
February 14, 2003
Acacia Media Technologies, a company owning broad patents that could affect virtually all companies streaming audio or video online, is going to court for the first time to test its claims.

Broad patents on streaming media upheld
July 16, 2003
California-based holding company Acacia Research said Wednesday that it won a preliminary court ruling in favor of broad patent claims covering virtually all streaming media transmissions.

Patent holder unplugs porn network
September 23, 2003
A holding company that has a stack of streaming media patents briefly shut down a network of pornography Web sites over the weekend in an ominous sign for mainstream providers of streaming Web content.

Year in review: Patent smack-down
December 25, 2003
Looking back on 2003, the most spectacular software patent case was Eolas vs. Microsoft. Here a court ordered Microsoft to pay $521 million to one man company Eolas for patent infringements. But Acacia Research exercising its patents in shutting down a series of pornography Web sites is also worth noticing.


IMPA - Internet Media Protective Association

American organization set up to fight the Acacia patent, and other threats to the online industry.

American news site focused exclusively on Acacia. Run by a computer professional who realized that the Acacia patents were a threat to the project he was just about to release.

Danish site created by IT-Politisk forening, who are opposed to software patents.

Link to their Acacia page. FFII Europe

FFII is the leading organization opposing software patents in Europe.

Link to their Acacia page.


Acacia Technologies Group

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European Patent no. EP0566662.

The patent is published in Sweden., june 2004
The text is public domain.