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Join Our Mailing List! has a mailing list, where most of our discussions about software patents are held. The discussions are in Swedish, but you are welcome to post in English if you have some question. The list is open both to people who agree with the FFII about software patents, and want to help influencing the legislation, and to anybody else who is interested in the issue. It is perfectly acceptable to join the list as an "observer", so you don't have to feel that you have committed yourself to a public standpoint just because you have decided to join.

To subscribe to the list, go to the FFII mailing list page, type in your e-mail address, and choose a password. You are then a member of the list, until you decide to unsubscribe. As a list member you can follow the discussions and join in if you want to. You also have access to all archived posts, so you can go back and check what has been said earlier, if you want to.



Erik Josefsson, President
ehj AT
Christian Engström, Vice President
christian.engstrom AT
Per F Pettersson, Secretary
p AT
Karin Engström, Treasurer
karin.engstrom AT
Jonas Bosson
jonas AT
Johan Fänge
mllist AT
Jacob Hallén
jacob AT

Other Contact Persons

Anders Lindbäck, Auditor
vetgirig AT
Adrian Lozano
adrian AT
Robert Renling
robert AT, July 2004



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